Hands of Hope let feet do the talking

September 19, 2021

A Selby-based charity has raised over £7000 at this year’s Great North Run after 20 people donned their trainers and sweatbands and took on the half-marathon course in Newcastle on behalf of the charity.

In previous years, Selby Hands of Hope have always used the major running event as a vital fundraiser for charity donations - and this year was no different. Due to Covid-19 causing havoc with usual fundraising efforts for the last 18 months, including the cancellation of last year’s Great North Run, Hands of Hope, like other charities, have found generous donations hard to come by. However, on Sunday (September 12), the 20 brave runners lined up on the start line in Newcastle and, at first estimate, have helped to raise over £7000 for Hands of Hope - smashing the previous record of £5500. Despite a ‘return to normality’ being seen across the Great North Run for the 20 runners this weekend, there were some changes that were seen. To stop congestion at certain parts of the course and start/finish lines, the organisers of the event decided to both start and finish in Newcastle for this year only.

Richard Singh, chairman of Selby Hands of Hope, said: “The biggest thanks go to all the runners, who were all fantastic, and did themselves proud. Every one of them either set a personal best or ran to their predicted time. The dedication captured the imagination of the supporters, and that was evident by the amount they all raised. “This is usually our single biggest fundraiser, and it was a massive miss last year. Hopefully, this year’s event will be a turning point and will mean that fundraising events can now return and give us a vital boost during what has been a tough time over the last 18 months. “I hope people seeing the runners taking part can inspire those to take part next year and give them the motivation to get out there and get active. “Thank you to Michael O’Reilly, the owner of McDonald‘s Selby, who once again, very kindly offered to sponsor our running shirts. The colours certainly made us all stand out from the crowd, and I saw 16 of the runners around the course, which gave us all a little boost.”

Left to right: Darren Elliott, Andy Riley, Richard Singh, Lauren Singh, Wayne Fenell, Cassandra Fennell, Kirsty Riley. (16-09-101 SU)

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