Local supermums set up a money-saving swap shop

Lynsey O'Kane
February 11, 2022

A group of mums who rescued a baby group from closure have set up a ’swap shop’ where parents can donate and swap children’s clothing.

Emma Stretton took over Hambleton Baby and Toddler Playgroup in May last year, alongside Ali Marshall, Christina Byrom and Nicola Page. The swap shop runs along side the play group and aims to help families who might need a little extra support.

Emma, 30, of Thorpe Willoughby, said: “The group was going to close because there was no one to run it. The man who ran it, his daughter had gone to school and he’d gone back to work. “It was a bit of an awkward time with Covid, but since then the group has blossomed. “We’re having to do bookings because it is so popular. It’s such a friendly, welcoming group. “We then decided to add a little something extra with the used clothes. There are just so many, and the kids are only in them five minutes. We just thought people could come, see what there is an swap them. “If you donate, you get a token to spend. Or other items might be £1 or a £1 for a bundle. We just wanted to give something back.”

The play group is held at Hambleton Village Hall every Wednesday from 9.30am-11.15am.

Emma, Ali, Christina and Nicola in the swap shop. (10-02-459 SU)

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