Million-metre challenge raises £3,000 for charity

January 13, 2023

More than £3,000 has been raised for a charity which helps men who are feeling suicidal.

Chrysalis Prevention of Men’s Suicide was launched by Adrian Cunningham, who recognised that there didn’t seem to be any help and support for men who were struggling to talk about their feelings and emotions, and who felt like suicide was their only way out. To help raise funds for the charity, a gruelling challenge took place at Selby Gym with owner Steve Thompson. Steve and his team completed one million metres on two rowing machines and two ski-ergs under 30 hours.

He said: “Eight of us completed one million metres on two ski-ergs and two rowing machines. We were helped nearly every hour by a member of the public who came in and did what they could do on a fifth machine. “We raised money for the charity Chrysalis - the prevention for men’s suicide. We raise money for them every year as it is a vital charity and subject that needs to be supported more. “Between the team and the wider community, we have managed to raise just over £3,200 - which is £700 more than last year. “I just want to say thank you to my team at Selby Gym for the support and laughter that means we could get through anything together. Thank you to the charity for being a constant support to the people who need it the most.”

Adrain added: “Wow, what a year this year has been. In 2022 we did 24 awareness days across Yorkshire and three family fun days, we partnered with Pocklington FC, and held a Mandown Movement in Goole. We can only thank everyone who made this happen, we thank every single one of you who has donated to us and supported us to raise awareness on such a serious subject. A total of 77 per cent of suicides are done by men, this is an enormous number and it is our duty as a society to help stop and reduce this number. With the community’s help we will continue to spread and raise awareness for men’s suicide. “We host a support group every Wednesday at The Big Communi-tea in Selby, we have also this year been out as a group to participate in activities. We want men to know they are not alone and it is not weak to speak. If you know a man who struggling tell him about our men's talking group.” Chrysalis Prevention of Men's Suicide is predominantly for males aged 34 to 55, but will never turn away anyone who is finding things difficult. It aims to get men talking, and to help mental health ambassadors in the workplace identify anyone who is struggling. The men's talking group is held at the Big Communi-tea Centre in Selby every Wednesday at 7pm. Anyone wishing to attend should contact Adrian through the charity’s website https://chrysalisprevention

Selby Gym owner Steve Thompson with his fundraising team. (05-01-03 SU)

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