New superintendant lays out his priorities

July 15, 2021

North Yorkshire Police welcomes a new superintendent to the Selby district.

Mark Khan has been a police officer for over 30 years and, as the most senior officer in the district, he makes all the big decisions that affect how policing is delivered to its thousands of residents. He has recently outlined his top three priorities for policing in York and the Selby district. His first goal is to ensure public spaces are kept safe both during the day and night, by dispersal orders to stamp out antisocial behaviour and by having a large police presence. Mark’s second goal is to tackle the harm that drugs and alcohol do to our communities.

He said: “Communities are damaged by crime. Crime is often fuelled by drug or alcohol misuse so I want to ensure we get to the root cause of this issue. “Most of the drugs in our district are brought in from other areas. This is often done by ‘county lines’ gangs which also import violence, exploitation, misery and fear. “We will police York and Selby in a way that makes it a totally hostile environment to everyone involved in this repugnant trade, from low-level street dealers to organised crime ringleaders.” His third goal is to keep our roads, and everyone who uses them, safe. Mark said: “Last year, almost 40 people died on North Yorkshire’s roads and more than 250 were seriously injured. “We’ll be bringing more targeted road safety education and enforcement operations to York & Selby District - initiatives like Operation Boundary, which focuses a high volume of police units on key routes and pays particular attention to vulnerable road users. He added; “We’ll use the skills, resources and expertise of the York & North Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership to do everything in our power to reduce those harrowing statistics”.

Superintendent Mark Khan. (08-07-65 SU)

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