Opening of Riccall Woodmeadow only days away

May 4, 2023

Riccall Woodmeadow will soon open to the public in a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by Councillors John Duggan and Stephanie Duckett.

The beautiful green space will be revealed to residents and visitors alike on Monday, May 8. The event will begin at 10:30am, at Riccall Primary School, where refreshment will be served to attendees before they make their way to the woodmeadow at 11am. Developments to transform the area began in October 2022. Since then, the area has seen a local volunteer group with over 43 members, plant shrubs, hedgerows, trees and sew wildflower seeds on the former field, transforming it into a blossoming wildlife hub for all to enjoy. Local volunteer, Janice Oliver, said: “We want the space to be a peaceful and relaxing area for its visitors. “We hope to have children from local schools and those from our local Beavers group to help with future plans, which include building a bug hotel, picnic tables and benches, with more plans in the works to build a learning space and meeting shelter called ‘The Bothy’”.

Riccall Woodmeadow and its trustees, Riccall Lands Charity are now also part of the ‘Growing Community Connections’ programme, an initiative set up by the Woodmeadow Trust. The Trust will be using the project in Riccall as a case study to share with other members of the network, and the programme will provide further support, advice and welcome Riccall to volunteers. To volunteer with the local group at Riccall Woodmeadow, please call Janice on 01757 248127.

The woodmeadow will officially open to the public, who will be given a guided tour by volunteers, on Monday, May 8. Photocredit: Dee Aitch Photography. (27-04-222 SU)

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