Allotment funding joy for Barlby

June 30, 2022

Recreation Road Allotments CIC have secured the funding required to purchase their desired land in Barlby.

After successfully registering to become a community interest company, the organisation managed to raise the required funding to buy the area on Recreation Road from its previous owners, ForFarmers. The company was supported by donations from Barlby Council, Brayton Council and Selby District AVS, along with generous individual contributions amounting to over £2000.

Jaye Cole, a spokesperson for the company said: “We are really proud to have secured this land for the local community. “With the rising cost of living and food prices, the ability to grow your own produce is really beneficial. We have received a lot of interest from residents of Barlby and the wider area, who are now able to come together through mutual interests. “As an independent company, we are also able to offer allotment rental spaces for those who live outside of the village of Barlby, which will help open the allotment area up to the surrounding villages.” The company have expressed that they are not looking to make a profit and purposely keep rental prices down. Currently, the cost to secure a small plot for the year stands at £25, with larger plots costing just £50 annually. Barlby and Osgodby Town Council’s manager, Dianne Dumbell said: “The level of interest that the allotments have received demonstrates that Allotment gardening is very popular, both for the satisfaction of producing your own food, and also to promote health and wellbeing. “There is a fantastic community spirit at the Recreation Road site and their efforts have now secured the future of the Community Allotments. “The Town Council is pleased to support the Olympia Allotment project and wishes the Committee and plot holders every success for the future.”

Recreation Road Allotments CIC have received the funding required to buy their desired land and were aided by Barlby Council, Brayton Council, Selby District AVS and individual donations. (30-06-208 SU)

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