Emy’s art on display at Abbey

October 14, 2022

An artist with autism is hosting her first exhibition of 21 original works at Selby Abbey.

Emy Spinks is a Selby-based artist with her own studio. Her exhibition, The Yorkshire Landscapes Exhibition, is on show at the abbey until the end of this month. The collection of artwork gives an insight into Emy’s mind and how she perceives the world. Because she is autistic she sometimes struggles to express herself verbally and so her artwork conveys more about a place then she'd be able to mention verbally.

Emy’s support worker India Pierson said: “An example of this is present in Emy's piece ‘York From Skeldergate Bridge’, which features two swans on the river. “Emy had not previously spoken about seeing the wildlife but these are present in her artwork allowing us to make connections and have a glimpse of the world through Emy's eyes. “So far, people’s reactions have been very positive and people have told us their own stories about visiting each place themselves and what they got up to whilst they were there. This has given Emy chance to connect with others through her artwork and relate the pieces to them. “Emy has been immensely proud of her exhibition and enjoys watching people visit.” India said after lockdown ended, Emy began creating artwork about various places they’d been able to visit again in Yorkshire, incorporating things such as leaflets and maps from the places she’d visited as collage material. 

Emy chose to display the exhibition in Selby Abbey because it features in her artwork as one of the pieces celebrating Yorkshire. India added: “The abbey seemed like the perfect backdrop to display Emy’s collection. Pieces created are from all four areas of Yorkshire and range from monuments, churches, attractions and general landscapes. Some other examples of the places featured include Clifford's Tower in York, Brimham Rocks near Harrogate and Flamborough Head on the coast. “Emy enjoys creating mixed media pieces which consist of paint, paint pens and collaged areas. This is the first large collection of mixed media pieces Emy has ever exhibited with months worth of works going into the pieces. Emy has really enjoyed creating these pieces as each one represents a connection she has to the place whether it was a day out there or a trip away in that area. “We hope that plenty of you get the opportunity to view the exhibition and feel free to email us with your own art or stories of the places included in the exhibition.”

The Yorkshire Landscapes Exhibition is on display in Selby Abbey until the October 31 and is free to visit. The majority of the artwork is available to buy, and anyone wishing to make a purchase is encouraged to e-mailing emyspinksart@gmail.com. (06-10-07 SU)

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