Slimmers donate clothes to earthquake victims

January 26, 2024


A Slimming World group in Selby has donated over 20 kilograms of warm clothing to those affected by the Moroccan Earthquake.

The earthquake, measuring a magnitude of 6.8 on the Richter scale, devastated communities in the country’s Marrakesh-Safi region - tearing down homes and buildings while residents slept on the night of September 8. In response to this, Amanda Tough, the sister of the consultant of Selby Slimming World’s Wednesday and Thursday sessions at Standering Hall, Paula Thomas, decided to join a humanitarian relief group aiming to help those stuck without amenities in the village of Tiniskt.

The group journeyed to the area in late December. Paula said: “I wanted to help my sister gather donations for the trip. I posted an appeal to the group on Wednesday, and by Thursday we had bags full of donations ready to board Amanda’s plane to Morocco on the Friday. “I’m so proud of what we were able to achieve!” Amanda, who lives and works in Gran Canaria, spent four days delivering aid to 76 families of Tiniskt, who are now living in tents after the earthquake tore down every single home. She said of her experience: “One of the things that most struck us about the visit was the silence. “No laughter, no chatter, just a veiling sadness throughout the makeshift village about what has happened. “Lives were lost and torn apart in a matter of only 30 seconds (how long the earthquake lasted). “We met with one lady who had been pulled from the wreckage, but had lost her husband and three children during the event.” She added: “It is thanks to the individual initiative of my friend Javier Cruz and the contacts he made while climbing the mountains close to the village that these families are now receiving food and clothes.” Along with the kind donations from Selby Slimming World, Amanda’s group delivered a two-month supply of vital aid and food parcels to the villagers, who also received school supplies for their makeshift school tent. The group plan to revisit the villages in the Atlas Mountains to deliver aid in the future, with the help and support of Selby Slimming World.

Donations of food, clothing and vital supplies were bagged for distribution in Tiniskt. (18-01-226 SU)

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