Students exhibit climate crisis art

January 27, 2023

Higher Education Art and Design students from Selby College recently held a thought-provoking art exhibition highlighting the effects global warming is having on our planet.

The talented young people presented their Climate Crisis exhibition to visitors of the River Mill Ballroom in Selby between Wednesday, January 4 and Friday, January 6. One of the students involved, Chloe Brown, presented her piece, which visually represented how a rising climate melted regions of polar ice caps. Her friend and fellow student, Kiernan Roberts also showcased his work.

Speaking about his piece entitled ‘Soot Output’, he said: “Transport is one of the largest contributes to the climate crisis, but is something that as a society, we have been ingrained to use. “My large-scale sketch of soot uses carbon graphite and white chalk to symbolise the emissions we are putting into the atmosphere. “It was quite a messy piece to create, but I wanted to make people physically see how grim emissions are and how harmful they are to our planet.” Another piece was submitted to Year 2 Higher National Diploma student Abi Townend. She described her piece ‘Under the Microscope’ saying: “I started looking into ecological impact and organisms, which led me on to the subject of bacteria. “My piece shows how something so small can positively affect the environment despite the common misconception. The aim is to make you discover what is hidden for yourself, as if looking under a microscope. Not all bacteria are harmful or disease-causing, they can impact us all, whether they are noticeable or not.” Elaine Whitehead, programme leader in art, design and media, added: “It’s fantastic to see the students bringing their individual skills and strengths together to produce a collaborative exhibition, especially around such a significant and timely topic as climate change.” The Art and Design department has also been working closely with author, Christina Gabbitas to help educate young people on important topics affecting today’s society. As part of this project, students Burga Karaagac and Finley Hesketh have been animating poetry connected with some of Christina’s stories, which aim to raise awareness surrounding drugs, grooming, knife crime, pollution and more. To find out more, please visit

Students Chloe Brown, Kiernan Roberts and Abi Townend presented their work to visitors at the River Mill Ballroom. (12-01-239 SU)

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