The sky’s not the limit for fundraising former teacher

August 14, 2021

A former teacher is set to take a huge leap to raise money for a charity-funded preschool very close to her heart.

Becca Smith, who used to be a teacher at the school, is planning to do a skydive in aid of Wistow Smart Start preschool later this month. Fundraising is essential to keep the school up and running and enable it to afford the necessary equipment and resources.

The dive was initially planned for April last year, but due to Covid-19, it was postponed and will now go ahead on August 28, in Bridlington. Becca said: “I’m a bit nervous. I’ve done one before to raise money for the preschool and it wasn’t the most fun I’ve had. I did it with my sister last time but this time I’m on my own. “I’m doing it because, as with a lot of charity-funded preschools, the Government funding doesn’t always cover the costs. When we need new resources, like when we needed new iPads for the technology centre, we fundraise to find the money. “A lot of pre-schools are closing and before Covid, three local preschools shut in the surrounding areas of Selby. When we need something, we have to fundraise for it.

“The families and the community really get behind us. Without them, we really wouldn’t be able to keep going.” Despite leaving in October 2020 to go and teach in another charity-funded preschool, Becca is still going ahead with the adrenaline-filled pursuit. She added: “When I left, I always said I would still do the skydive because they’re my friends and I’m still part of the family. I’m not going to let them down.”

To donate to the worthy cause and help with Becca’s quest, you can visit

Children from Smart Start cheering Becca on. (29-07-69 SU)

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