Teen trio deliver on their prom promise

August 14, 2021

Three Selby High school leavers went above and beyond recently to give their fellow 2021 graduates a prom they’ll never forget.

Georgia Wray, 16, Isobela Khosla, 16, Kennedy Whitehead, 16, decided to give 35 of their close friends precious memories they almost missed out on due to the pandemic.

The trio came to the decision to organise their own prom after Covid-19 thwarted plans to have a big celebration organised by the school. Originally, the prom was meant to be held at Carlton Towers back in May but a smaller ceremony was held at the school in June as a replacement. Despite enjoying the day, the three girls, along with other school leavers at Selby High were disappointed that they missed out on getting dressed up and celebrating the end of school in a more traditional way.

Georgia said: “Our prom at school was meant to be in May but it was cancelled. A lot of us had already bought our dresses and one of my friends made her own dress so we wanted to give everyone a chance to wear them.” Two of the girls work at River Mills Ballroom in Selby and their boss overheard them discussing their plans. “At first we talked about doing it but it was just an idea really, then our boss at River Mills overheard us and said we could have it there at the venue”, Georgia commented. With only three weeks to plan the big day, it was no small feat for the three teens. Friends, family and workers at River Mills helped them out with tickets, decorations and food.

Georgia said: “It was a bit stressful because we sold the tickets and at first we didn’t have enough people coming to cover the costs of all the decorations and organising it but then we just put loads of posts out on social media and got our friends to speak to their friends to get more people involved. “A lot of our friends and family helped and took a lot of weight off our shoulders. It was a bit stressful before but when people started getting involved it really helped us out and River Mills made it so easy.”

An unconventional prom for the 2021 Selby High School leavers. (05-08-77 SU)

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