Town’s economy suffers more than most during pandemic

August 14, 2021

A recent study has revealed that Selby has had the fifth-biggest decline in growth out of all UK commuter towns during the pandemic.

The recent report by Dojo reveals which commuter towns and cities in the UK have seen the slowest movement and growth over the past 16 months since the Covid-19 pandemic hit England. The data was gathered from looking at four key areas - the property market, job vacancies, salaries and footfall. Each one was scored and compared to the previous year to discover the percentage increase in growth for commuter towns across the country. Selby came in at the fifth worse-off, while Bridgend (1), Luton (2), Salford (3) and Darlington (4) took the biggest hit. Selby has faced a -27.06 per cent decline in progression during the endemic, despite house sales increasing by 40.43 per cent from January to November 2020. Job vacancies increased slightly in the area but were still low in comparison to other towns with only four vacancies for every 1,000 people, and salaries deceased by -5.93 per cent. Footfall also saw a decline, likely caused by people working from home. To read the full report, visit

Selby has experienced the fifth-biggest decline in growth throughout the pandemic. (12-08-60 SU)

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