Free fish and chips for armed forces on D-day anniversary

May 30, 2024

To honour all those involved in the D-Day landings, the largest naval, land and air operation in history, National Fish and Chip Day is moving from its traditional Friday slot this year and will be celebrated on Thursday, June 6, which marks the eightieth anniversary of this momentous day.

Referred to as “the good companions” by wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill, fish and chips were one traditional delicacy not to have been affected by rationing. 

Back for its ninth year, National Fish and Chip Day will recognise the huge importance of fish and chips during WWI and WWII, and on D-Day in particular. During the D-day landings, soldiers who found themselves behind enemy lines at night and needed a way of telling friend from foe used a two word code in which “fish” would be answered by “chips.” 

Amy Horsley, of Mr C’s fish and chip shop in Selby said: “As part of our celebration of National Fish and Chip Day, in conjunction with the eightieth anniversary of the D-Day Landings, we will be giving away free fish and chips to any member of the armed forces, past or present, on June 6. Simply come to the shop in Micklegate during our usual opening times to claim your freebie.”

“We look forward to meeting as many of our local heroes as possible and giving just a little back.”

Mr C’s is also keen to hear about from customers with family who served in World War Two, especially if they were present on D-day.

Amy said: “We want to hear all about our local war heroes and to celebrate each and every one. Every story and photograph sent to us will be featured on our Facebook page.” 

want to hear your family’s story.”



Mr C’s fish and chip shop in Selby will be giving a free portion of fish and chips to any members of the armed services past or present on Thursday June 6. (30-05-390 SU)

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