Glowing report for Barlow nursery

July 31, 2021

A nursery in Barlow has received a glowing report from Ofsted after securing a full house of ‘Good’ ratings.

Kids’ Corner Nursery, based in the Community Centre, was handed an overall effectiveness rating of ‘Good’ after receiving the ranking in all of the inspection categories; ‘the quality of education’, ‘behaviour and attitudes’, ‘personal development’ and ‘leadership and management’. The early years setting was inspected on June 24 and was commended on its partnership with parents, introducing “new words to the children at every opportunity” and for taking advantage of its rural setting. The inspector’s report said: “Staff encourage daily access to the wide open playing fields and wooded areas, which helps to promote children’s good health.”

Children at the setting also received praise for confidently using number, shape and measurement in their play and for their “extremely good” behaviour. “Children happily hand their own paintbrushes to their friends who do not have one,” the inspector added. “They also willingly help their friends after a fall. Children show excellent consideration towards others.” Ofsted complimented managers at the setting for having “high expectations and aspirations for their staff”, and for supporting them to further their professional qualifications. All staff hold a 12-hour paediatric first-aid certificate. The inspector concluded: “This has resulted in a highly experienced and qualified staff team.”

To improve further, the nursery was told to “build on the existing induction programme to ensure greater consistency in staff’s understanding of their roles and responsibilities, policy and practice.” Manager Nicola Cook said: “I am so proud of all the staff, they have worked so hard throughout the Covid pandemic and all their hard work and dedication to the children and families has paid off. “The biggest compliment from the inspector was that our teaching was impeccable and that the children arrive eagerly at the nursery. “We are looking forward to welcoming more children and families into Kids’ Corner and having some amazing adventures.”

Nicola with children at the ‘Good’ nursery. (29-07-209 SU)

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