Flanagan stars for comeback kings

August 14, 2021

Selby Town 4 Rossington Main 2

An unexpected late comeback saw 260 patrons lift the roof off The Fairfax Plant Hire Stadium after the Robins claimed their first win of the season.

With Christian Fox, and Jonny Bruce both absent, the experienced Ryan Cooper took charge, assisted by goalkeeping coach Tom Shepherd. Still struggling for fit central defenders, Danny Snaith and Luke Sellers were the two in possession at the start, with Harry Sheppeard, and Jon Paul Vass at full-back. Kain Rogerson, Charlie Clamp and Myles Lawman were in midfield, with a formidable front three of Harry Clapham and Flynn McNaughton flanking Liam Flanagan.

It wasn’t long before Rossington began to exert themselves with a free-kick, just outside the box in only the second minute. The set piece rattled the Selby bar - the ball being scrambled away, before Flynn McNaughton set off on a fine downfield run leaving defenders in his wake. Generally the Main were having the better play. Slick passing and movement saw the Selby midfield struggle to protect their defence, and provide opportunities for the front men. Dylan Parkin had to deal with the first of many shots that came his way.

A Rossington goal looked more and more inevitable, and sure enough it arrived courtesy of Jordan Buckham. It wasn’t long before the Main added to their tally. Another good passing move saw Niall Doran played in behind the Selby back line. He kept his cool to slip the ball beyond the advancing Parkin. Town did have the ball in the net, but only after Liam Flanagan had been flagged offside. It was just before half-time that Parkin pulled off a wonderful save to keep the Robins in the match. Again, Rossington sliced through Selby to put Jack Watson through on goal. He was thwarted by a brave dive at his feet by the Selby stopper - who earned himself man of the match for his performance on the day.

The woes continued for the Robins after half-time, as Sam O’Malley replaced the injured Sellers. Lawman saw yellow, with the resulting free-kick headed just over. As the midfield again struggled, Clamp was the next to see a card, but this time the free-kick went over the top. There was little concerted attacking for Selby fans to cheer, but Flynn McNaughton, who had looked the most dangerous of the front three, managed to shoot just wide of the post. He wasn’t going to be denied for long. An attack involving all three of Town’s strikers, saw McNaughton cut in from the left, before planting a shot past the Rossington goalkeeper. The goal certainly lifted Selby, but it was Rossington who charged forward in an attempt to put the game beyond Town’s reach. Yet more Parkin heroics were required, before the incidents which must have left Rossington supporters certain it wasn’t going to be their day. Dan Davison had already been introduced for the Robins, and Gracjan Kimczak was deployed. It seemed like an equaliser was coming, and sure enough it arrived courtesy of a free-kick.

A cross was whipped into the box, and looked to have evaded attackers and defenders alike. However, big Sam O’Malley was on hand at the back post to gleefully smash the ball home. The roof nearly came off The Fairfax Plant Hire Stadium, as most fans hailed a point from nothing. Loud as the roar was, it was nothing compared to the roar that greeted the two, almost identical Flanagan goals, which won the three points for Selby. Rampant now, Kain Rogerson slipped the ball behind the Rossington defence.

In that corridor of uncertainty, the goalkeeper rushed out meeting the ball just before Flanagan. Unfortunately for the keeper, this clearance bounced off the attacker, leaving the striker with a gaping open goal. He wasn’t going to miss, and the crowd, and players went wild. To prove this was no fluke, a couple of minutes later, Rogerson repeated the pass. Again the goalkeeper got there a split second before Flanagan, and again the ball ricocheted kindly for the Selby attacker to find an open goal. Selby managed to see out the last few minutes to secure all three points.   Next Saturday, the Robins travel to unbeaten Brigg Town.

Photos by Harvey Brewster. (12-08-201 SU)

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