‘20’s Plenty’ campaign gaining parish support

October 5, 2021

Drax, Barkston Ash and Sherburn parish councils have backed an initiative to bring 20mph speed limits to their villages.

A newly formed group, 20’s Plenty for North Yorkshire, formed in a bid to get the county council to make 20mph the default speed limit for urban and village settlements in the county with signs not humps. The group has written to over 500 town and parish council clerks in the county, asking them to pass a motion supporting this. Barkston Ash parish councillor John Brassington said: “As a member of a parish council whose vote for 20mph in the village was supported by young and old alike, I know we now need to join together with parishes up and down the county to demonstrate the numbers of communities who want to normalise 20mph. “I look to what is happening in Scotland and Wales and other English counties with hope that our county can learn that we can promote the safety and well-being of residents in this way too. “Our young people as well us retired folk deserve nothing less.” The group says that recent research from the Scottish Borders has demonstrated the effectiveness of 20mph in bringing average speeds down by 3.1mph.

Mother-of-two Emma from Sherburn, who was spurred on to join the group by her desire to protect her children, persuaded her parish council to support 20mph limits in the village and the 20s plenty campaign. She added: “By slowing down to 20mph in residential areas it really makes a difference to all vulnerable pedestrians. “As a mum of two small children I want them to feel safe walking to and from school and when out and about around our village.” You can follow the group’s progress by visiting: https://www.facebook.com/groups /2012586572255626.

Emma and her two children. (23-09-225 SU)

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